A very unusual day
It was a usual Seattle morning for most people, but not for our family. The sky were grey, and it was a little cool, as we took three of our kids, one little dog and tons of luggage and drove to the airport. We boarded on the airplane that will take us to Atlanta; there we would switch planes and board to Israel. We have decided to give it a chance, and try living back there. Planning was complicated whereas preparing for this move, and even now we are not sure yet things will work out for our divided family. Our oldest son decided to stay in Washington, and is about to start school at the University of Oregon, where he hoped so much to be accepted, and when he did (it took a while, since he was on a waiting list) we just thought that since he worked so hard, and while having learning disabilities was accepted, we should do everything we can to help him fulfill his dreams. As a daughter of a mom who had hard time letting me go, I really understand how my son feels, and will never stand in his way, even if it would mean paying this hard price of not having him close to us, living on the other side of the world. The sorrow is mutual, our son is having hard time thinking he will no longer have us close to him, but we promised him he is ready for this. We taught him he can depend on himself, we on the other hand, will be helping him in any way we could. It is time for us to move back to Israel. Our 15 year old is having a very hard time with this move. It is a tough age to be leaving your friends, the place that you are so used to, language you know perfectly and be moved to a totally different place. We came to the conclusion that if we wait for another year it would even be harder, and if we wait longer, he will not follow us, and we are hoping to keep our family together, hoping that our oldest son will eventually immigrate to Israel and live close to us. Our two younger boys had hard time saying goodbye to their friends. Moving is not easy for them too, but we are hoping that they will adjust quickly, and our dog Sheleg (a little Havana dog) doesn`t like the ride, at the moment, but we think that she will enjoy the warm weather, we missed so much. Life is not easy in Israel. There is always something happening there. I am praying for Peace, and am hoping that everything will be fine. I miss my extended family and friends. I miss the sea and the sand. I miss so much the Hebrew language, the literature, the poetry, the terrific theatre, the awesome food and the very well-known streets I grew up in. My husband and I are excited and nervous at the same time; we are hoping that this is indeed the right thing for our family. Keep your fingers crossed for us, and please say a little pray…

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