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  • Book Blog Tours - Essential Info for your upcoming Release!! Set one up and get prepared!!
Book Blog Tours - Essential Info for your upcoming Release!! Set one up and get prepared!!

This post will take a closer look at book blog tours. 



Soon after your book is released, so viewers can click a button and go buy it!!!



Find where the optimal viewer interest is:  Same genre book review blogs (ie: fantasy; paranormal; erotic); same topic blogs (ie: motorcycle enthusiasts might enjoy a book that includes a motorcycle gang going around doing secret, good deeds).  Be creative!  A fashion blog might enjoy hosting you for a fiction novel involving a jr. female executive sent to France to work at the company's sister couture house and she can't speak French.  (BTW, I am totally making up these book plots) 


Refer to my earlier post titled "Book Review Blogs with Massive Followers!" to help find blogs that might host you.  All together, those blogs I listed in that post have approximately 50,000 followers!  Also, here is another tier of book review blogs that collectively have about 25,000 followers!  Some may be geared towards YA and fantasy, since that is what I was researching.  Reach out to these blogs to see if they can fit you in for a day to guest host or simply post your information and agree to answer questions and respond to comments for a day.
















In one email, include the following, and make sure to mark your subject line with your name, book title and blog date you are scheduled to be on:

Synopsis of your book
Short excerpt
Cover art in jpg format
Author photo in jpg format and author bio

A pre-written interview of about 5 questions
Links to where book can be purchased
Link to book website
Links to author's website and/or blog
Link to video trailer if available



Offer to host other authors on your own blog!!!  Reciprocity is golden!


Each day, post the host's link for that day on your social and media sites (Twitter, FB, myspace, blog, websites, etc.) 4 times a day to let followers know where you are at!


Do another blog tour down the road to boost lagging sales!


Got some extra cash lying around?  There are blog book tour services out there, but I have not personally checked any of them out, since I don't have extra cash lying around.  : )  Just search 'blog book tour' on yahoo or google and they will pull up.  From what I understand, the cost can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands.  If anyone has any experience with a service like this, let us know and comment!


Any other blog tour advice or tidbits out there??  Thanks for visiting! Cheers, Jan


A sample blog tour for ANGEL and a mock up I made at Vistaprint:



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  • Janet McAdams

    Many thanks for this information, Jan. My first novel is coming out in January and I'm thinking of ways to promote it.

  • Teresa J. Rhyne

    Wow. More super helpful information. I had no idea book blog tours were this organized, but that makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Check it out!  Muse is having a month long Blog a thon for MG / YA!! Click HERE to see the line-up!


  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Yejide - Thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comment!!!  All the best to you too!  Jan

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Valerie - Thanks for sharing your site and generous offer for a mention!!!

  • Valerie J. Brooks

    Hi Everyone!

    Once a month on my blog, Gobsmacked: Confessions of a Working Writer, I offer a "News and Confirmed Gossip from the Writer's Life" and gives news and even teases about published authors' news and happenings. Not a place for readings or book signings, but more about what you're up to in your writing life. (As I did with Alice Hoffman's little secret that she watches a show called "Being Erica" on Hulu.) Give me a toggle if you'd like me to mention anything about you.

  • Yejide Kilanko

    Hi Jan, thank you for posting this. Wishing you all the best!

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    Hi - this is a really useful post - thank you! :-)

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    Thanks Rachel!!! $50 is amazing!!!  I am going to save your site right now!!!

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    Hi Hannah!  Thanks for visiting and sharing this info with your co-horts!! ; )  Jan

  • Rachel Thompson

    Hi Jan. great info on all the reviewer sites! As for cost, I cofounded the Indie Book Collective & our tours are only $50! Our results are amazing--check out this Before & After article by author Ann Charles (Nearly Departed in Deadwood) this week for specific numbers. We accept both indie AND traditional authors. Find us on Twitter or Facebook @IndieBookIBC. We are three women who started the collective to help all writers learn social media, epublishing, and how to sell more books! Thanks :)

  • Hannah Goodman

    Phenomenal information Jan. Thanks so much for posting. Will be passing along to my writer friends, clients, and will be using this for myself!

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