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Book Marketing Materials: Cheap & Easy!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
August 2017
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
August 2017

The main place I go to order any printed material is - which I am sure most of you have heard of.  Open a free account and get on their email list.  They send out weekly emails with huge specials in them - usually FREE postcards, business cards, fliers, invitations, etc.  There are so many options, and creating your personalized bling is very easy!  You can use their stock images or upload your own.

They do have a small upload fee, but you don't have to pay it until you actually checkout where you order an item that has a newly uploaded image.  Also, watch the shipping charges.  Sometimes adding a non-free item actually reduces the shipping!  I try to do one large order all at once to reduce shipping costs.

Browse all the items they offer, you'd be surprised!  And they have thousands of designs all ready to go with your customized text, or you can create your own from scratch!  Okay, so trust me, I am NO graphic designer, but I have been satisfied with my work (it is pretty fun to mess around with too).

If you are lucky enough to have your cover done, upload it to Vistaprint and go nuts! Mine isn't done yet, so I've had to be creative for now, but I can't wait to update my bling with my cover when I get it!

Okay, another TIDBIT is that you can create all of these fun images, and then put them in your cart, BUT then click on the 'preview' button and even 'larger preview' and you can save the image to your computer and use it all over the web!  The images are not copyrighted and there are no royalties - so it is a free-for-all image fest!  Also, all of your products are saved in your account portfolio, so they will be there for you to re-order and edit.

So, what to order???

Business Cards

I started with BUSINESS CARDS.  Give them to everyone you know or meet! 


Next I made POSTCARDS to hand out and leave at various places.  On the front I put some basic information, but on the back I put a larger blurb.

They also have OVERSIZED POSTCARDS that I plan on using at any ebook signings.


Another tip is to use the "Rack Cards" for BOOKMARKS - they are about 8x3 or so inches and are created the long way, so you can actually cut it down the middle vertically and get two bookmarks out of each rack card.  You would just design each half how you want and wa-la!!

Posters & More

You can design POSTERS for booksignings, and for those of you with a little more of a budget, you can design BOOKBAGS and T-SHIRTS. 

Well, good luck with your bling and have FUN!!!

P.S.  No, I don't work for Vistaprint, I just love that place!

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  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Amy - thanks for visiting!  Vistaprint has many templates pre-made that you can add your personalized text to. Make sure to check it out!  I bet you'll create something great!  Jan

  • Stephanie Jefferson

    I'm also a fan of Vistaprint. I can't wait to get my cover so I can go nuts! You gave some great ideas and inspired a few of my own! Thanks!

  • Krista Kedrick

    I love Vistaprint too.  That's what I used for my business cards for my debut novel Under a Prairie Moon.  I also ordered a banner with my name and website to put on the display table at book signings and other events.  I had some book marks made with my cover art and info but I had a local printing co. do it for me and they were very reasonable and they bought a copy of my book!

    Love the t-shirt :)

  • Amy Lichtenhan

    Thanks for all the info Jan ~ These look amazing.  I'm terrified to create my own stuff as I'm no artist, but these look very professional.