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Book Review Blogs with Massive Followers!

Hi Authors!  For my second post, here is a list of 14 book review blogs (some geared towards YA and fantasy), which collectively have over 50,000 followers!  I researched about 500 book blogs and these were the ones with the most followers and current activity.  Try to contact these sites first to review your new or upcoming release for some widespread exposure!



In an email make a polite request asking that their site review your book.  Try to personalize the message to each site. Make sure to mark your subject line with 'Review Request', your name, and book title.  


Include or attach:
Synopsis of your book
Short excerpt


The following may also be helpful for the reviewer:
Cover art in jpg format
Author photo in jpg format and author bio

Link to book website
Links to author's website and/or blog
Link to video trailer if available


If they are interested, they will respond.  If you get a good review, ask them to post it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Also ask if you can use an excerpt of their review on your site.


Any other helpful tips out there???


Good Luck!  Jan

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  • Susi Bocks

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks for the tip!  I'm writing that down now!!

  • By the way, I'd add Facebook's Book Junkies to the list.  I posted my novel and within a couple of hours, two reviewers asked to review it.  A week later, two wonderful reviews were added to Amazon and Smashwords, as well as on bookjunkiesreviews.

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi again Judith!  You found me on bb too! ; )

  • Well done.  Thanks, Jan.

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks Stacy!  I hope it is helpful!

  • Stacy Green

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to do this. Awesome!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thank you Janet and Brynne for stopping in today!  I have lots more helpful stuff coming down the road!  I post on Tuesday and Friday mornings, fyi...

  • Brynne Betz

    you are amazing, my dear:)

  • Janet Ference

    Wow! This is great. Thanks, Jan!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks for stopping by today Amy!!

  • Amy Lichtenhan

    Very helpful, Jan!  Thanks for taking the time to put this together.


    Amy Lichtenhan

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Oops, 'welcome'...  no, really, I am a writer....

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    You are welcom!  Thanks for checking out my post!

  • Excellent! Thanks so much for this, Jan. Very helpful!