Mental Blocks
I was wondering how others deal with mental blocks. For instance, right now I'm going through a phase where reading just doesn't seem appealing to me, at least in book form. I've been reading blogs and things of that nature all summer, but books just aren't exciting me right now. I've tried so hard to get back in the rhythm of reading, but buying books in different genres doesn't seem to be helping either. It is sort of depressing to me because I've always loved to read. I know part of the problem might be that, as an English major, I do have read a lot of material during the semester, so when summer rolls around, I just want to take a break, but it's never been this much of an issue. My writing is also suffering. Reading always inspired me to write, so without reading, it's harder for me to find the desire to write. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get my mind back to reading.

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  • Thanks for your feedback! I'm still gearing myself up for reading, but I'm back to writing again, finally. I'm looking and Goodreads, so thanks for that suggestion. Hopefully I'll get in a book or two before the summer ends...since I haven't really finished anything in the past two months!