Managing Websites and blogs
Written by
Colleen Green
July 2011
Written by
Colleen Green
July 2011

The digital highway of websites and blogs how intriguing and yet how overwhelming and time consuming! Its the means to which we gain new friendships and lose track of time. As a writer, reader, and internet user I am constantly trying to keep up with my twitter, email, shewrites, goodreads and wordpress blog accounts. So for all of us who think how will we keep up and keep our sanity at the same time I say have faith that you will.  To keep track of my posts I have a plan. Mondays and Fridays I can check on shewrites and my worpress blog. Wenesdays can be twitter and email. Now as tidy as this time management seems we all know that email can lead to other  links and so the losing track of time begins. But it's a start to try to manage my accounts.

How do you manage your Websites and blogs? I'd love to hear your ideas!


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  • Colleen Green

    I can understand starting somewhere on the web and ending up getting distracted! Focusing on key areas is a good idea. I've been doing ok keeping up lately. thanks for responding to my blog post. Have u seen my video on a cajun-zydeco band it is on my page on she writes? If you get a chance check it out Enjoy!


    Your Friend,


  • Claire Vorster

    I've cut out a lot lately C, for the reason that I start somewhere and end up distracted somewhere else!  I'm focusing on 4 key areas and that's it.  How are you doing?