Half Past Life - Entry #2 (Dedication)

Recollections feed the soul..the past is interwoven in the present. The former becomes the present presence of your being. 

Dedication - therefore - based on the food that has nourished our soul, contributing to our growth, Poppies, Parents, Grand-Parents...old friends, classmates, siblings, a bit of moon-dust...a star studded sky - merely required an outstretched arm to gently hold on to the moonbeams. Run for and towards your life in your mind, within your unsteady grasp.

Life is not neatly laid out before us...the puzzle pieces keep us engaged...as we work towards the ultimate goal of understanding thyself...which we truly never do - as the last of the pieces never truly are placed in life's puzzle until we are just a spirit.

Half Past Life ...numerous jagged edged pieces that no matter how they are turned, squeezed, trimmed, melted do not fit, matches none of the placed puzzle parts. Crossroad, stumbling into the dark. Illumination non-existent.

Rhonda Messinger-Grunther MSW


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