I can not believe that I am 59 years old today!!! Really people nobody tells you that you still feel as if you are 19...ok....25...alright I will be real....35!!! All jokes aside I feel so blessed to be the age that I am. So I decided that from today until this time next year when I invite Ms. 60 into the new life I will keep each day as a daily growth and development in learning to Love God, then Me, and just have fun. This is a new page in my book and I'm glad I can turn that page. Its funny that for so many years I hide in the background trying not to be seen... which if you really know me that didn't work. Well world the one thing that I can say about this wonderful vintage age is that its so liberating now I see why my 100 year old grandmother just speaks her mind and lives her life.

That's the beauty of age with wisdom. So world "I'm coming out" as dear old Diana Ross use to sing. I thank you you all for the birthday wishes and for being a part of my new wonderful and exciting life.

I picked the above picture because its from our only daughter's wedding. I was blessed in being the officiate and my husband was the photographer. It was a great day and it completed a blessed phase of my life.

Now Bring it I'm ready for the next!!!


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  • Nissi Mutale

    Beautiful post. To love ourselves is so important and a message that needs to be spread more widely.