Zoe the Muse
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
July 2011
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
July 2011


The third page of my book is an abbreviated autobiography, the last sentence stating, “Ms. Arnold lives on the water in sunny Clearwater, Florida, with Zoe, her toy poodle muse.” I’ve had sundry comments about labeling my little doggie a muse, a title often assigned to lofty individuals, someone much revered. Some have said, “After all, she’s only a dog.” Only?? I beg to differ. Yes, she does run around on all fours, and can be a hairy, hot little mess at times, barking to her hearts content on those rare occasions when allowed. Too often than not she will plead, beg, and cajole relentlessly for a morsel of heavenly-smelling people food, but heck, whose fault is that? I think we all know the answer to that.  


In actuality, most have smiled at such a sweetly curious label bestowed upon my five-pound bundle of joy. She is, however, much more than just my “muse”. Zoe has helped to keep my sanity when the weight of the world was upon me. She was there when my marriage no longer worked, when I moved from one state to another to begin a new life, when I’ve at times felt, well, sick as a dog. I think those who have never bore their own children can truly understand the important role pets fill in their lives. Yes, they truly become our babies. 


It brings a smile to know that she is traipsing behind me from room-to-room, her tiny nails clicking softly on the tile floor. Or when she is gazing up lovingly with tiny coal black eyes, watching with a quizzical look on her furry face when she doesn’t understand a behavior I am engaged in. Zoe always looks at me adoringly, no matter what my infraction, like when she is soaped up from head-to-toe in the cold porcelain tub (okay, maybe the adoring part is pushing it), or when I implore her to walk on two legs for a whole eight feet to please my giggling friends. 


A side benefit to note: It doesn’t matter whether my face hasn’t been washed or I am wearing the same raggedy-ass tee shirt two days in a row. Why should she be bothered with such mundane cares? My poodle knows what is supremely important in life, like snuggling on the living room couch while watching a movie, hugs and kisses easily given, evening walks in the moonlight…okay, okay…maybe I’ve been single for too long! But seriously, I am proud to have such a muse for she has added a rich dimension to my life, even though “she’s only a dog.” My real hope is that I have returned at least a fraction of the affection she has given to me. Love you Zoe! 









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