Things Thursday
Written by
Lola Lolita
June 2011
Written by
Lola Lolita
June 2011

It's time for another round of Things Thursday!  If you can't remember the rules, or if this is your first time playing with me (um...), visit here.


And this week's Things statements* are...

  1. Things you shouldn't do at work.
  2. Things you shouldn't lick.
  3. Things you shouldn't swallow.
  4. Things that go bad.
  5. Things you shouldn't play catch with.
To see my answers for this week and to add your own, visit my blog at  Fair warning: These things can get crass, so if you are in any way prudish, probably not for you.  If you are not prudish, good for you, and this is definitely up your alley.


*Things statements slyly stolen from      


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