Invisible Ink
Written by
Kat Friedrich
June 2011
Written by
Kat Friedrich
June 2011

This is a response to the following prompt:

If you knew no one would ever see your work, what would you write?

If every pen I owned was full of invisible ink and I was the only person who could see the shadow of the letters on the paper... my writing would be very similar to the work I produce now. 

I take little bits of poetry, chop them, and mix them into journalism. 

I slice the leaves of social science and arrange their fragments to hold other ideas. 

This slicing, dicing, mixing and matching is exactly what I would do if no one could read my work. I might add some other genres and ideas, but the basic process would be the same: reducing ideas to bare bones, putting them in the soup with unlikely ingredients, and bringing the pot out when dinner is ready. 

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