Books Are Clues to What Your Child Is Thinking

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The genre of books you're currently reading reflects the sort of mood you're in, or the type of issues or conflicts you're handling. So it is with children.

For all of us, reading is a way of collecting information or seeking comfort. Reading choices and patterns are clues to what children are thinking.

Of course, if your child has an interest in books on dinosaurs or sea creatures and so on, then it is purely factual curiosities and that is great.

But what if your child is exploring with issues, and not facts? Issues that are beginning to affect him/her?

Even if they may not be sharing with you the matters on their mind (sometimes, they may not be able to express themselves that well), here's how you can still get to know more about their inner worlds: By asking few questions e.g.

- What is your child's favourite book these days? (A particular book, or more than one?)

- What are the details associated with the stor(y/ies) that catch your child's attention? Is it the boy's problem with a friend? Is it the girl's fear of going to the bathroom alone?

- Read the stories together then talk about what the characters did to overcome the problem/conflict. Please don't switch into a 'serious' mode when you're talking about the stories! This is a chat between you and your child. Try to relax, make it fun, and let it go if your child doesn't want to talk further. (Forcing it will only make things worse.)

- Search for more books in which the protagonists successfully overcome similar problems. This will accumulate your child's confidence in resolving his/her own issue.

Books are for leisure. But books can also save us from certain miseries. Time for an emotional health check through reading choices!

So ... what books is your child currently reading?
And what books are you currently reading?  

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