Noticing Syncronicities
Lately I have had a lot of time to myself and I must say, it has been
interesting! Something that I have taught myself to do and am finally having fun with it, is noticing the synchronicity or God's voice in my daily life. 
   As a person who truly believes in the power of self creation and evolution, Ialways pray, meditate, and focus on my spiritual path. I have always been like that since I was a child, but as an adult I have really learnt how to work it. So when I ask for ideas, solutions, and answers, they just don't always come to me like a text from god, or a big all-knowing moment. As I let go of my rigid schedule, I open myself up to messages around me. Maybe instead of going to the grocery store, I have the feeling that I would like to go out for a coffee first and then get groceries. It just so happens that at the coffee shop I run into this great person in line who notices my holistic necklace then proceeds to tell me they are an Internet marketing specialist. Wow, just what I was asking for! No coincidence, when we let go of controlling our day, we let our higher self guide us to where we need to go. Or for instance, at work I get pulled to another area and at that moment I'm hating going there, but lo and behold, I'm now working with someone that doesn't realize it, but their conversation and company just gave me that aha! moment that I asked for the day before. Are you getting it yet?   Always be open and aware of your environment and what's going on around you. It could be a gut feeling, a book you pick up, something a friend says, or someone you cross paths with in the check out line. I met someone like that in the money mart a few years ago. I was there sending a check over seas and the girl didn't know what she was doing. She was transferred there for the day and was really flustered about it.  When it was my turn, we got talking, and it turned out that we knew some of the same people, and she gave me the name of a lady that offered a service that I was looking for but had no idea where to look for it, and I gave her the number of my healing friend that she lost and couldn't find. At the end we both laughed and realized why we were at that place that day. So cool!   When we ask for answers, we have to be willing to receive them.  Be flexible, maybe this is another door that is opening and we are just a little afraid. Take a few steps in the new direction and see what happens. When things sometimes seem to come to a dead end, maybe we need to take a break, change our thinking, or use that time for research or beopen to another door that might open.
    Always be aware and in the moment. Get rid of your useless background mind chatter, and seize the moment. When we ask, we will always receive. Just make sure you don't miss the messenger!!! Have faith, and keep an open mind!!

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