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  • Happy 2nd Anniversary: Groups just got even better!
Happy 2nd Anniversary: Groups just got even better!
Written by
Julia Barry
June 2011
Written by
Julia Barry
June 2011

Hello She Writers,

This is your Social Community Manager and friendly tech geek, Julia, here.

I confess, I'm excited about She Writes turning two years old in a matter of days. I've really been into our celebratory She Writes Radio shows, the 10 Things We Love About She Writes article and Twitter countdown, as well as hearing about all the parties being planned in various cities through She Writes' Meetup Community


Meanwhile, in the She Writes Land of Technological Oz, we've been working behind the curtain on some tech enhancements in honor of She Writes' 2nd Year!  First up today are some new functionalities in Groups that will make connecting even more inspiring, social, and helpful to your craft.  


(If your brain just said "Functionali...what?," then welcome to the new tech word of the day! "Functionality" simply means anything you can do on a website, like send messages, join groupschat live with other She Writers, post to the Community Blog, and so on.)

Group Moderators, you now have more tools at your fingertips, which means that Groups will just continue to get better and better for Group Members.  

Here's what's new: 

  • As a Group Moderator, you can add pages of content inside your Group. This could be helpful for posting everything from relevant articles to invitations to pieces of writing ready for group critique.
  • As a Group Moderator, you can also change your group's privacy settings from Public to Private (or vice versa) after its creation, and you can tweak options in terms of who can view, join, send invites, and moderate your group. 
  • More details and screenshots of how this all works are here.
  • Kudos and thank you to Group Moderators for your go-get-'em spirit! I've just set up "Writers & Wranglers," a new group for Group Moderators, since hey, we deserve a venue for inspiration and support too!


That's all from the land of media and technology today...more spine-tingling features and updates are coming soon!  (Oh the suspense. Isn't it yummy?)


Thanks for making She Writes the slam-bang community and resource that it is.  My inbox is always open to your questions, suggestions, and ideas.



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  • Julia Barry

    Yeah, that photo makes me laugh because it sums up many literal and metaphorical moments of my work!

  • Deborah Batterman

    This all sounds great  .  . . And the photo is a delightful visual metaphor  ;-)