In Honor of Father's Day
Written by
Taneisa Grier
June 2011
Written by
Taneisa Grier
June 2011

I'll be honest, today I am just in a place of intimacy and worship and seizing the moment to not reflect as much as to honor. I think sometimes honor is about giving the true you in a specific time, space, place, and or to someone else. Which is why at this moment, I can be very honest about the fact that when mother's day rolls around I'm never at a loss of words. I know exactly how I feel and what I want to say. But a father-daughter relationship can be the most beautiful thing yet it is at times the most misunderstood relationship. One might attribute this to the fact that men are men of few words. And so I war against my personality when I think of how I feel at times versus what I need and how you communicate that with men and your father. It's quite complex I suppose like women can be at times. One thing is for sure, the beauty of a father's love arms you with confidence and security. So it can be difficult to capture the essence of both the beauty and complexity yet I attempt to with this poem.


A Father’s Love

Characteristics of the heart of a father

A Father’s Love

Will go to the end of the earth

Save at all cost

Protect Fiercely

……. And Love tenderly


Even when it’s difficult

Through hard times

Times of misunderstanding

In times of crisis

Still demanding that which leads

To a safe landing

………. He will love in spite of


Your limited perspective

Adjusted view

Rationales of how you thought

He should love you

……..just to reveal the greater love


The love that it takes

To endure blind eyes

And your deep hurt

The kind that keeps pushing

When everyone feels hurt

……to prove that love conquers all


When life has threatened

Everything you know

Missing facts that lead

To many different roads

But thank God

Every fork in the road has a 

         Centered point


That can tie you all together

One heart knit

Closely to sustain

Separation, disagreement

Wrongs and I wish I hadn’t

Holding on to the point of love

That still remains strong

Even though all of this has happened

……A father’s heart still beating still standing

And it isn’t until you realize

All that he went through

That your heart swells with tears

Overcome with emotion

Once you realized

That what he was trying to say

Was simply……I love you.

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