Living in Truth
Written by
Yali Szulanski
June 2011
Written by
Yali Szulanski
June 2011

This is dedicated to all the amazing women...




Her voice paced the room nervously singing a sad melody. Her eyes, moist with conviction and open in their gentle vulnerability searched for a glance of understanding, a pittance of legitimacy, in her decision As she spoke, the wind peeked in through the window of the outward facing office, and circled her in a ring of protection. Her sorrow, bubbling up from her chest, culminating in a silent guttural howl supported by her truth. She turned and her eyes slowly settled on the faces of the women on her team - open and receptive faces - unified voices and embraces affirming the steps she is taking into her power - offering love, support, and heartfelt encouragement.

I am continuously amazed by the women in my life. Incredible, compassionate women around me are stepping into their power, speaking and acting upon their truths. As women, we are so often pushed into categories, expectations - stifling little boxes that we are somehow supposed to grow in, a set of boundaries in which we are supposed to thrive. We are taught, from our first word, to speak, act, walk, talk, and live properly - all the while correctly tying up our corsets. We are conditioned under the fear of pathologies of the past lest the sky fall upon us if we choose to think freely and express our desires. We are shipped from


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