A Healthy Dose of Self-Validation


I haven't felt like writing anything, lately. 

And so I haven't. 

And every day that passes that I don't, I feel is another day wasted.  It's not for lack of ideas that I haven't been writing.  Those abound plentifully.  It seems like every hour or so I'm thinking of something that could potentially become a story.  My problem is that I don't take the time to actually believe in my ideas.

At first I'll think of it, it will sound great, terrific, and I'll be excited to start working.  But then, doubt will start to slowly gnaw at the edges of my thoughts until it makes its way to the center.  I'll begin thinking, well who would want to read this?  No one will really care about this?  Why should I write about this; no one will think it's important.  And so then I don't write.  And I'm once again back to where I was, where I've been for what seems like forever, in a perpetual state of writer's block and stagnation. 

But I had a realization this morning.  It doesn't matter that what I write might not interest others.  If it matters to me I should have the sense to see that it is important.  Because what I think matters.  I can't always sit around waiting for others to validate me.  That's something I have to start doing for myself, and it starts with having enough self-respect to value my point of view, my own personal truth, and then to speak it. 

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