Change makers ... or change fakers ? Time for some Reflection .
Sometimes, what we really need is a spark to light our hearts on fire and from then on, motivation is really unnecessary. But sometimes, teams need something more than just a spark, they need a common goal, a common vision and a common motive. 

There's a subtle difference between each of these words - goal, visions and motive. I'm sure you would have understood it by now. Let's talk about the common motive right now. All of us are doing whatever we are doing so that we can help others, so that we can improve things around us and so that we can do something for the society rather than simply moan and groan about the way things are. 

Before we start doing anything, let's think: We want t create a change together. We preach Mahatma Gandhi's principle of "Be the change you want to see in the world", but have WE changed at all? Do we have minds ignited with the noble goal I mentioned above, or are we simply smug and proud of belonging to a team and thinking out of the box? To know the answer, let's ask ourselves the following questions. You don't have to answer them here, but truthfully, let's ask ourselves these questions, so that we can find out id we are CHANGED or not. This is essential, because without changing, we cannot be the 'change-makers'. 
  1. Are you completely law-abiding? The simple laws that people of our age usually break are - driving without a license, watching movies in pirated VCDs, taking photos in prohibited places [I don't mean the school, though :) ], etc. They are all just simple laws, but they are all there for a reason.
  2. Are you careful about every resource you use [like electricity, water and food] and make sure you don't waste any of it, as far as possible?
  3. Do you throw waste stuff [like papers, wrappers, covers, etc.] on the dustbin always and never throw it on the ground or anywhere else? Do you avoid throwing rubbish [anything useless] out of the car window while traveling?
  4. Do you respect ALL  religions, cultures and languages? In short, do you really respect India for what the country is?
  5. Do you sincerely believe that India can become as beautiful as it once was? Do you think corruption and other such ills can be removed with people's power? Do you believe in democracy? 
If we answered most of these questions as a 'yes' then congratulations to all of us! We are truly the CHANGE Team and we can now bravely march up in front of all those who discourage/tease us and declare that we are the change-makers! But till then, believe me... We've got a long way to go.
On an ending note, It's not enough if we call ourselves C.H.A.N.G.E.,

We should also BE THE CHANGE. 

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