Book Review: Live Wire by Harlan Coben
Written by
Roxanne Piskel
May 2011
Written by
Roxanne Piskel
May 2011
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I received Live Wire, by Harlan Coben, in a giveaway hosted by the Dutton Books Twitter account. At the time I didn't really pay much attention to the summary of the book, I just scanned it quickly so I'd be able to answer whatever the Monday Giveaway question was.

And I won!

I was so excited. But not enough to go back and actually read the summary of the book I was going to receive. And then, once I received it, it kind of sat on the shelf for a while. It's a big clunky hardcover (I prefer trade paperbacks), so it didn't fit nicely in my purse. Plus, I was in the middle of reading about four books.


(Read the rest of the review here)

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