30/100 Things That Make Me Happy
Written by
Roxanne Piskel
May 2011
Written by
Roxanne Piskel
May 2011

One of my Day Zero Project goals was to identify 100 things that make me happy. So, I took a little bit of time last night and came up with the first 30. This is even harder than coming up with 101 things I've accomplished so far (which, yes I know, is also an unfinished list). So...here are the first 30 of 100 things that make me happy:
(in no particular order)

1. My little monster, T. Most of the time. You know, except when he’s being a brat.
2. Reading a good book. Either something I’ve never read before, or a favorite classic.
3. Watching movies. Despicable Me comes to mind as a favorite when I’m having “a bad, bad day”. Probably because T is watching it right now.
4. Taking a walk in the spring or early autumn. Especially if T is holding my hand.
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