Finding Inspiration

Definition: The act or power of moving the intellect or emotions


Some days, inspiration is nipping at my heels, like my toy poodle begging for attention. On others, I couldn’t unearth an ounce if I overturned every cushion in my house. It dodges me, like a shadow that vanishes on the break of day. So at times when inspiration seemed to be lacking, I had stumbled upon it in the simplest of places…


-Chilling on my porch to the sound of chimes moving on the wind

-Savoring the sweet taste of a perfectly brewed Chai

-Hearing an unexpected peal of laughter as it ripples through a room


When inspiration fails, which at times it most assuredly will, I must remind myself that it will not be waiting for me at the end of a long path, it can not thrive in a vacuum, it is not in the destination. The real magic of inspiration is found in the process, in the unfolding. It multiplies when we create, when we are open, when we love.


So most importantly, I need to remind myself that I don’t have to look for inspiration far or deep, I just have to keep on looking. I’ve rarely discovered it through the words of the wise or while poring over a revered text, but within myself, where it’s been all along.

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