Do you have GREEN eyes?

Do you look at the lives of others and wonder why they have “that” life? Do you compare your life to friends and family members? Do you ask “why can’t my children act that way?” or Do you ask “How did she get him?”


If so, you may have GREEN eyes. Green eyes as in green with envy.


Envy, for most is considered a bad thing, but I see that greenish tint in your eyes as an opportunity for growth. There are some people who want to be envied. They want you to wish you had their life. They are hoping you are somewhere “hating” on them.


Then you run into people you genuinely admire….okay…maybe envy. These are the folks make you feel good about you when you are in their presence. They are hoping your life is as great as their life.


If you know others look up to you  it is important to be kind to others. You want to make sure you inspire others because  you never know who is watching you.


If you have GREEN eyes  you can have everything they have and more. REALLY, YOU ASK? Sure…..


 Being GREEN gives you the chance to dream.


 This a chance to re-evaluate your life. The purpose is not to be like that person but to be a better you.


Taking the chance to dream for a mother may include re-evaluating your parenting style. I have heard that imitation is the best form of flattery. GREEN dreaming can give you a chance to and learn about being a better mother, friend, or wife.


 Everyone has an area in life that you want to improve. Be it work, home, family, weight, parenting, or lifestyle changes. You cannot doing what you have been doing and get a different result. NO…NOPE…NOT GONNA WORK.


If this person is willing to help you, ask them to help you reach whatever your goal may be. Ask them how they got where they are in life.  Know that with all the success you see there have been great sacrifices made.You don’t have to recreate the wheel…walk in someone else’s footprints.


 Don’t be afraid to have GREEN eyes and dream. Reach beyond your comfort zone and try something different. Who knows…someone may envy you.

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