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Book Expo America - Interview with Connie Brockway
Written by
Helen Smith
May 2011
Written by
Helen Smith
May 2011
NYT bestselling author Connie Brockway has recently been announced as the launch author for Amazon's new publishing venture, Montlake Romance. I have just downloaded and read the first three 'teaser' chapters of her new book, The Other Guy's Bride, due out in November 2011. It's an exciting story so far, and funny, too. Connie will be at Book Expo America in May so I asked her some questions about what she'll be doing there:

Q:) Connie, congratulations on being announced as the launch author for Amazon's Montlake imprint. Are you scheduled to talk about it at BEA or will your attendance be more informal than that?

No. They have sense enough not to give me a microphone lest I break into a Karaoke moment (or hour.) I'll be signing books, however.

Q:) You have written more than twenty books - and picked up a couple of prestigious RITA awards along the way - so I'm guessing that you must have been to BEA and other book fairs before. Do you have any tips for authors attending for the first time?

Enjoy the heck out of it. Everyone there likes books and some of them like your books and so will search you out to express their interest and possibly flatter you. Now I don't know about you, but in my life there's a definite dearth of flattery. Of course, there's additional sport in trolling for ARCs. Who doesn't like a sneak peak at next years mega-hit? I plan to bring an extra suitcase. And do not waste the opportunity to see NYC--- and, if you're a foodie like me, EAT NYC

Q:) Do you have any other events lined up where people can see you in person this year?

This year I'll be doing a workshop at the Romance Writers of America's national conference in NYC the end of June. And in September I'll be guest speaker at Karen Marie Moning's FeverCon in Florida.

Q:) Your first Montlake title, The Other Guy's Bride, is not out until 1st November. Six months ahead of the publication date, the buzz is already beginning to build. You have been through this many times before. Will you take advantage of these six months in the run-up to publication by trying to promote yourself online or at readings - or do you worry about getting too distracted by publicity and prefer to try to spend most of your time writing?

I'm still hunting for a cheap doppelganger to do the social media rounds. While it can be fun, it takes away valuable time I'd much rather spend writing. Not that I, or anyone else that I know, is able to hunker down in my office writing like I used to back in the mid-nineties (ah, good times). I'll be actively promoting THE OTHER GUY'S BRIDE a few weeks leading up to the pub date and for some time afterwards. Reading from my books? The idea makes me cringe. And it should make you cringe, too.

Q:) I love your biography on your website. It's charming and funny - probably the best example I can recall of a biography that made me want to read the author's books. Where else can we find you online? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account or a blog?

Wikileaks. I blame Wikileaks. And, yes, please, look for me at www.facebook.com/conniebrockwayfans and/or on twitter as @conniebrockway.

Thanks, Helen.

Thank you! See you in New York.

[Note: Blogger has been having technical problems so I had to repost this and I have lost the comments that related to it - sorry if you commented yesterday.]

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