Hide Your Bunnies!!!!
Written by
Rhonda Talbot
May 2011
Written by
Rhonda Talbot
May 2011



I have the greatest kids...my little 8-year old twin Things. For mother's day, they bring flowers, cards, paintings, all this stuff, but I know partially this has to do with my allowing (okay I was ambushed) into letting them get a floppy eared rabbit; which explains the Rube Goldberg contraption their dad has been building in the yard.


Bunny: Fudge, is adorable. Even more so when right side up.


 Then I noticed next to hubby's desk, a miniature bedroom, for his new Bulldog... again I had no idea. He also has a Hippo head in his man cave, a gift from a hunter friend who spends a lot of time in Africa.


We already have a "dog" (6 lbs) that I never even notice, and fish, that I never even notice.. the birds, lizards, snakes, hamsters are all gone. My girls want a zoo... "Our plan is to be explorers, wild animal kind, to protect them and keep them safe until we can figure out how to heal the rain forest.  I, (E- Thing One) will be the boss and (A-Thing Two,) will be my cabinet. Along with dancing, singing, cooking, designing clothes, scientific observations of space, but those are hobbies." 


Mother's day doesn't really hold great meaning for me, but my children take it quite seriously, so it’s really their day.   I am contemplating calling my own mother, but after the "Hi mom, happy mother’s day"... unless I quickly hang up, she might go on a rant. "KIDS RUINED MY LIFE and so on."


I do like her though, she's very smart, funny and has a few PHD's; lives on an island. Kind of a dream life. A life she often reminds me I will not be enjoying for a good 20 years.


Glancing through FB this lovely morning, there is was...a picture of my son's ex-step mother who reminds me more and more of Glenn Close; or the character she played in Fatal Attraction.


What is humorous is the ex-step-mother's sell: what a good person she is...how she loves children, encourages young people, flies off to India for inspiration. What rubbish.  We now know that for many years Glenn abused my little boy, verbally, emotionally and  reduced him to tears night after night. Now the boy is a man and he remembers all of it. Her interrogations; the constant demeaning of him as a person. She has no apologies and accepts no responsibilities.  An 8-year-old apparently her equal emotional sparring partner.  Superior intellect clearly.  I didn't believe in a wicked stepmother myth until she proved the rule.

The succubus left after getting pregnant from a stranger to her husband's life and after learning I kept a copy of the death threat she left on my answering machine. My ex, her hubby, took hush money.

This house, like the Dalai Lama, might forgive but will never forget.  I heard she was in town promoting some BS book nonsense about how great she was and her intention to heal the world through fashion, yet she still abuses her unpaid 18-year old interns, often humiliating them in her work place to prove a point, that in fact she remains abusive.

 Put away the pots and pans, lock the kitchen door and keep her away from your bunnies.  Don't let her become your fatal distraction.



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