Raincheck (Poem)
Written by
Rochelle Levy
May 2011
Written by
Rochelle Levy
May 2011

Trying to get over this emotional writer's block

To let go and just live....

And let live

To understand and dig deeper

And yet still stand

But today I feel defeated and exposed

Internally losing the battle

Drunk off memories and what could be's

Accepting but still craving

Wanting you on my skin

Inspiring me

Turning my metaphors into reality

Creating harmony from haiku's

Basking in our ink.. a new hue

You reading between my lines

And understanding every word

Wanting us to complete that cycle

Our high note cut short in the middle of the song

"Is it the way you love me baby"

Yes.. it is

From start to finish

Not caring what you think

Open but still cautious

Waiting but still moving..

Hoping that...

After we let go of that pause button

We can beat the high score

Because my me connects with your you

In every way

From the ins, to the outs, to the roundabouts

I crave each syllable that leaks from the depths of you

Wanting to pen an "us"

Still... I feel held back


By life itself...

Situations and circumstances


When the past crashes into the present

And tries to dictate our future

Like I said...

The poet in me died when I fell for you

So this is all just emotion


Dripping from my finger tips

Hoping to reach you

And find its way inside..

Hoping that one day you'll break down these walls

And release me..

So I can write again...

But for now... 

JUST for now...

I'll take that raincheck

Just make sure you come back...

And you're ready when you do..

Let's be friends

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