A Happy Mother’s Day!

Stretched out on a buttercup, too languid to read the ee cummings that always gives Fairy a pleasant, almost sensuous melancholy, she closes her eyes and watches the leaf patterns on her inner lids. There is nothing to do until it is time to dress.

The tree house and garden is saturnalian with flowers. This morning, Elf gathered a bowl of mango and fresh strawberries, picked before the sun was up, and served his Fairy breakfast in bed with the birds of the canyon singing a jubilant serenade.

And in this beatitude, she will spend the afternoon in her favorite spot with the late blooming daffodils and ranunculus and the dashing purple Souvenir de Madame Gaudichau, trying to ignore the drilling of some wretched human on Medley Lane.

The pixies have made delicious salads and pineapple parfait for dinner in the garden.

The most beautiful of all music this springy afternoon is the singing of her pixies cooking for her in her kitchen.

Recipe for Pineapple Parfait.

With the rhythm of a slow motion film, the pixie boy manages to boil half a cup of white sugar and half a cup of brown, two tablespoons of butter and half a cup of water until it looks like a soft ball. The oldest of the pixies beats stiff the whites of two eggs and lets the youngest whip half a pint of cream. The littlest pours the syrup over the egg whites, beating it with a jubilant energy into the cream, and together they fold in the cream, one and a half cups of fresh grated pineapple and a dozen miniature marshmallows. Then they add one and a half teaspoons of gelatin dissolved, and put it in the refrigerator to join the salads.

A Spell for the Love of a Wayward Child

This spell must be done on a Friday evening under a waxing moon.

You must find a box of old fashioned pins, the kind with the colored heads. You need a blue head for healing and a yellow head for enlightenment.

Write your heart’s desire on a small piece of paper and wrap it around a pink birthday candle. The message must be your plain honest desire:

“Daughter/son’s name” please love me”.

Stick the blue pin in the beginning of your note and the yellow at the end so that the pin ends go all the way through the candle and stick out the other side.

Light the candle and imagine the flame warming the heart of the one you want to win over. Let the candle burn until it extinguishes itself and keep the pins.

Tulips heal anger and reunite loved ones. Put the pins in a tulip bulb while repeating your wish. Bury the bulb in a pot and their love for you will flower with the bulb.

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