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  • Young Dreamers Initiative-- A Youth Non-Profit That Needs Help!
Young Dreamers Initiative-- A Youth Non-Profit That Needs Help!
Written by
Rochelle Levy
May 2011
Written by
Rochelle Levy
May 2011

Hello all!!


I'm relatively new to the site and am just getting settled in. About a year ago I started Aziza Publishing based off of the need of the youth who created "The Young Dreamers Initiative (YDI)". YDI is a group of 10-18 year olds who have a passion not only for writing but for all of the creative and performing arts. They are currently pursuing a project that myself and Aziza Publishing fully supports in publishing a book titled 'Ebony The Beloved". We are trying to get donations or exposure for this project to hep their dream become a reality. In addition to publishing their first novel, they are organizing a showcase to double as a book release later this summer that will consist of everything from spoken word to dance to skits to jazz and more. All donors receive a gift from YDI and you can find the Kickstarter link here: http://kck.st/jh7zpy


I am asking for any support you may want to offer on their behalf-- whether it be a write-up on your blog or website, passing along the link to potential donors, pre-ordering the book (you can do so at www.azizapublishing.com), a piece for a magazine (online, print or zine) or whatever you can and are willing to do for YDI. Every small piece of help is more than appreciated.



Ebony has been condemned and rejected by her parents and peers all of her life. Like many other black girls who grew up weary to face life, she struggles with the adversities of being impoverished and accepted for who is she is. After being mentally, emotionally and sexually abusedEbony still struggles to fight her way to the top, never fully realizing her worth is until she finds love and acceptance from one of the faculty members at her school. From that point on, things began to blossom for her until she meets a smooth operator named Desmond Waltz.

Desmond is a world renowned entertainer who takes a sudden romantic interest in Ebony. His hidden sadistic and sexually devious desires for her erupt into rage, abuse, and imprisonment. Not only is Ebony’s world turned upside down yet again as she deals with Desmond’s desire to see her suffer under his thumb, but she is also subjected to his domineering mother, who hates her and abuses her every time she gets leaving Ebony beaten and bloody and begging for the pain to stop.

Will Ebony be able to break the perpetual cycle of abuse, self-hatred, and anguish? To what end is Ebony willing to go to finally be happy?What happens next in this riveting novel has twists and turns that’ll have your jaw dropping.





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  • Rochelle Levy

    Thank you so much. I appreciate any and all support!

  • CeCe Harbor

    Hi Rochelle  - I tweeted this up. I'll do what I can to help...sounds like a great cause.