In from the Desert Comes an Old Love Bearing Roses.
In from the desert comes an old love bearing roses. There are times when you count your lucky stars for someone who rises so magnificently to emergencies. He has separated the two boys at grips over a boogie board; both chastised and consoled the older sister who sulked when the baby swallowed a bauble from her tiara. He has played horsey on all fours as long as he could breathe and finally thrown them all in the bath so that they are clean and fresh when your sister returns to take them home. In the morning he takes you for a coffee which turns into a delicious brunch and announces that he will be your personal chauffeur for the day. A Topanga mother’s idea of a dream come true. His attentiveness is so charming that it gives your heart a little pang.

At sunset, as the mist fills in the canyon, he mixes you your favourite Sunshine cocktails. You cannot believe that he remembers such things.

2 dashes of Cointreau
2 parts French vermouth
1 part gin
And a bit of lemon peel from your garden.

After dinner he invites the children to play scrabble with you. And they do.

Hours later when you are saying good night, you point out the beautiful new moon in the sky. He tweaks your ear a bit wistfully and inquires,”Well, was that alright?”

And offers you a monogrammed handkerchief when you burst into tears.

The Jacaranda is beginning to bloom; time to plant the sunflowers.  

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