Parenting: Routine Check ups

When you start a job you have to go to a training. The training is about helping you and the company becomes more productive. I feel the same way about parenting classes and training. I go to parenting classes yearly ( for check ups) so I can get better and be the best for my child(ren).  I know, as some of you roll your eyes, it sounds crazy.


Why do I need someone to tell me how to raise my children?


I felt guilty because I needed the help. I felt ashamed because I must be doing something wrong. Right ? wrong!


First, I had to decide and make up my mind to take the classes. So I made the call. It was  a small fee ($15.00) and I have found others for free. I signed up and showed up- another big step. I talked myself out of it several times before the start of the class, saying “Oh, I am fine” or ‘ I don’t need any help- she’s just a baby.” So I got the courage up and I went to the first class.


WOW! The room was full.


I realized was that I am not alone. There are other families and mothers who are frustrated and at their wits end about one or more children they are raising. They are afraid for many different reasons but they want and need some practical advice. Or…..they want to  the best parent they can be so they enrolled to help prevent, as much as possible, problems in the long run.  We shared our experiences and  I felt stronger just being around them.


What have parenting classes taught me?

  1. Parenting is a learned behavior. We learn to parent from our parents. That’s great!- If you have perfect parents. I don’t know a perfect parent. Do you?
  2. Parenting classes are about me and not my children. I could not change my children but I could react different to my children.  
  3. I learned to know my limits and how to ask for help. There are Social Workers and therapist usually teaching the class.
  4. My children appreciate it. They know I want to be the best mother I can for them.


Classes or No classes? I realize everyone can’t go to five week long classes. Not everyone wants to be in a classroom setting or to connect with other mothers. So then what?


I read a lot of parenting material. There are books, local magazines and Internet articles on parenting. Yes… it helps.


I also subscribe to emails and newsletters about parenting so I can simply have reminders of some good techniques.


For more in-depth help, You Tube/Google parenting techniques or call your school counselor for step-by-step things to do.


But don’t be afraid to need the help and get it. It makes you and your family better.

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