Hello to all of my She Writes Family

Hello She Writes Family

Its been awhile since I last posted on the She Write blog not that I didn't want to its just that like all of you I have been beyond busy. By freeing my life I think I have made it more complicated. I tend to get excited and start doing several things at once. I will have to say its because I'm a nurse. Being in an intensive care setting or an emergency room setting we are given several tasks to do on several people and somehow we are able to do everything. So not realizing that this new life as a want-to-be writer was different and that it was important to do one task at a time...I created so much writing for myself that at times I don't know if I'm coming or going. So all that to say is that I'm learning so much from you wonderful dedicated ladies and I soon hope I can get myself together and stick to one task. However now its too late so all of the many blogs that I have going must be updated and often. Who knew??? Surely I didn't so if you don't hear from me I'm somewhere trying to keep up with all of my ministry blogs as well as my new writer life blogs. As if I didn't learn my lesson (which I did not ) I started a new one so that I can learn how to write fiction. My goal is to become a real fiction author but I'm so far away from that so in my non-thinking way I thought I would try my hand at short stories and continuing stories. Again bit off more than I can chew however if you need to read and help a sister out please stop by my latest blog site and read my poor attempt at fiction writing. It is called Back Door Tales By Sabrowny Rae. Read the about us and it will give you some insight as to who she is.

You can find this attempt at  http://www.backdoortales.blogspot.com  and if you need some love then I did just update our love journal http://www.2r1nchrist.blogspot.com . Well Ladies I'm going to leave you now because as always I have to chase my blog tales again.

Those that venture into the back door tales please leave me a professional comment so I can learn how to improve if you can. However be gentle...I am elderly (ha,ha,ha even I have to laugh at that)...send the improvement comments to my She Writes inbox that way only my eyes will see how truly bad it is. Don't worry I know I can only improve or give it up...ha,ha,ha,. When I fine time I will be back on She Writes and will participate ( I know here I go again) in my many groups that I joined.

Love you all...you ladies are the best!!!

RevLa...aka...Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

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