It Is Torrid.
It is torrid.

The only reason to get out of bed is to shower. Thank God for the luxury of a Sunday newspaper delivery!

At dusk Elf drags himself into the garden to water the baby tomatoes but that’s about all that can be done for them. Fairy intends to feed the roses but instead opens a bottle of cold ginger ale. About six thirty she starts to think about clothes for the morning. A final, long, cool bath helps before dinner.

When Fairy has drooped into her freshest organdie, Elf is in the kitchen cracking crabs for a late spring salad served in bed in front of the fans…

Together they stir up some claret lemonade.

Elf strains several lemons into a pitcher, Fairy sugars to taste, fills it up with half claret and half cold soda water and stirs it well. When she serves it she loves to decorate it with lemon slices on top.

They would sit out on the deck but the neighbors are disagreeable.

When the Galileo thermometer says 90, put a leash on your tongue, for tempers are short and emotions only skin deep.

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