Is it possible the motivation has gotten out of control?
Written by
Rachel Jacobsen
April 2011
Written by
Rachel Jacobsen
April 2011

Now I'm one for positive thinking and all that jazz, but after skimming through my Twitter account I was left with a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Of course it doesn't help that everyone I follow on Twitter is somehow connected to spiritual enlightenment, or motivational speaking, but I can't seem to shake the over abundance of advice screaming out at me.  I have been recently training myself to see the feeling of being nauseous or agitated by something, as a sign that something needs to be addressed.  With that said, what then is it about motivation that has me feeling nauseous?

Of course I have to start by recognizing the very relevant and integral stage of motivation, after all growth isn't even possible without it, BUT!  Is it possible the we, as a society, are getting way too caught up in motivation and not enough into action?  After all, motivation can be very addicting, and our Western culture is known for chasing the newest "highs".  I know that after I've had a dose of Anthony Robbins or Adyashanti, I feel untouchable, like I could walk on water, but the feeling eventually goes away, just like every other "high".

At work I receive a daily email called the "Quote of the day" from my Broker, and todays quote captured this concept perfectly, by Henry Ford: "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."  This points to a very integral step, and one that is most avoided, the step of taking action.  Do we talk about action enough as a society?  How does one talk about action?  Is motivation the voice of action?  If so, at what point do we realize that chasing motivation is just another distraction to actually doing?

Everyday we, as individuals, are given opportunities to take action on the things that we feel are important to us, period.  So when the moment arises, do you or do you not take action?  Because like it or not, taking action is a choice.

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  • Elizabeth Young

    Loved your post, lots to think about and I'm a thinker. I do believe we can motivate ourselves so much there's no TIME left in our lives for action. Thanks for sharing!