Faith Without Works is Dead


A + B = C, 1 + 2 = 3. These equations seem so simple but look closer and there is a lesson. A lesson I seem to be learning over and over again. To receive something I have to give something. I can’t just “wish” it into existence. As I look at my most recent dilemmas of life, I realize I did not follow that simple rule. You give what you get.

In relationships, I am finding the same simple rule is true.

In marriage, you have to give as much as you expect. If I want my “honey” to know I love him, I have to say so and show him. To expect him to love me and make compromises for the good of our family, he has to see me do the same for him. It’s just that simple. We, together have to lay the foundation.I want a healthy and happy family so I have to put in the work that it takes to make a family healthy.

In finances, how can I be prepared for retirement if I have spent my money and not saved? I have to be disciplined and do my part to have the life I want.

In motherhood, I have to give what I expect to receive. I have to teach kindness and patience to expect my children to exhibit kindness and patience. The same is true for rules and behaviors. If I have not taught them to behave in a certain manner then how can I expect them to know how to behave? I want my children to be successful and they want to but if I don’t teach them about study habits and discipline, how will they know?

I know it’s hard and I get lazy and don’t feel like teaching. Yes…it is easier to do it myself than to wait for them to learn it but that’s because I know how to do it. Now, I have to teach them so they can learn to do it. I know it can be scary as they make mistakes but I still have to teach it. I have to do my part to help them be who they need to be. I can’t expect them to know anything other than what I have been disciplined in teaching them.

For me, this is a lesson I continue to learn often. Or maybe I am not learning all there is to know about wanting to have something and expecting it to happen to me without doing my part completely.

It’s human nature to want what you want when you want it, right? So I have to fight that desire to just “ wish” for something to happen without making some sacrifices along the way. I have to push away the thought that my children should be better at something when I have not invested any time teaching them how to do it.

It’s unfair for me to act as if I should have what I want and then pout when I don’t get it.

It’s not them….it’s me. It’s just that simple. I have to do my part.

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