Crime Writer or Criminal
Written by
Dianne Baines
April 2011
Written by
Dianne Baines
April 2011
Question: If you write crime just how close to the the life and times of a criminal are you? I'll put to you a hypothetical situation: you are watching a re-run of Wire in the Blood for the umpteenth dozen time and the cops have just raided the perps house and found amongst other incriminating paraphernalia, a bookcase containing titles such as ' Murder Made Easy' or ' The Mind of a Serial Killer', and of course the obligatory 'Life and Times of Ted Bundy'. Do you feel a twinge of guilt by association? Do the titles in this dastardly felon's bookcase sound remarkably familiar? Let's face it every crime writer worth their salt has a selection of inspiring titles just like these. Like a police officer it pays to know your subject. To write with any knowledge we have to research that subject. For a writer to know his criminal is as important as it is for a detective.Without that knowledge we cannot write convincingly. Like any other character we write about, the more intimately we get acquainted with the criminal mind the more compelling and persuasive our text will be.

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