How to Green Up Your Sex Life.
This is originally from my blog,, but I thought I'd share it here at SheWrites as well so you all can go green in bed for Earth Day!
Want to make your sex life green? Try these 6 simple steps:

1. Buy eco-friendly sex toys and products.
For the month of April, Babeland is donating 10% of its eco-toy sales to, an online environmental news source called "The Daily Show of the Environment." For more information, click on the banner below. (Also, check out this hilarious video on sweeping toxins from your sex life and what toys to use.)

Some of my favorite eco-friendly sex toys are:
  • The Fling- Made of bamboo, this is a great G-spot stimulator and my favorite toy right now.

2. Recycle used sex toys. There are a few programs available, including and Ask your local sex toy store if they participate in recycling programs, most do!

3. Take some advice from Greenpeace. Some of which includes the following ideas:
  • Turn off the lights during sex.
  • Share showers. Both sexy and eco-friendly.
4. Buy eco-friendly bed sheets. Organic cotton sheets can be purchased at most stores these days, including Rawganique.

5. Ride your bike more often. The muscles you work riding a bike are the same you use thrusting and humping in bed. Plus, a tight ass is super sexy. See your morning commute as a preparation for your evening debauchery.

6. Watch eco-porn. Action with action behind it, uses erotic activism techniques to protect the environment. You can even join their "porn aid" program and help the cause!

Anyone can stand up for the earth, but it takes a true visionary to protect it while laying down.

Got more ideas? Leave them in the comment field. I'd love to hear them!

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