There's Nothing Quite Like It!
Written by
Delia Latham
April 2011
Written by
Delia Latham
April 2011


I'm talking about those final few days and weeks prior to the release of a new book. They're busy, exhausting, exhilirating, scary - and absolutely wonderful!

Kylie's Kiss (Book 2 in the Solomon's Gate Series) releases April 29. I've barely wound down from a massive send-off to the series when Destiny's Dream released in December. And now it starts all over again. But I'm not complaining - oh, no!

I love the interviews and guest posts and tweets and FB mentions and...and...and... It's a whirlwind of marketing and networking that literally finds its way into my dreams at night. But it's so much fun to Google my title and my name each day and see if any new reviews show up (because this is the most active time for them to appear - just before and just after the book's release). I enjoy being interviewed and seeing which interviewers come up with questions that are a little different from the norm - and how many ways I can answer the same questions in a slightly different manner.

It's such a joy and a blessing to know that God has given me one more story idea, and an editor who likes it. Keep 'em coming, Lord...I'm listening, pen in hand!

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