O and P: Options, Possibilities and Plot Bunnies

Yesterday an interesting thing happened, in fact it was probably a continuation from Saturday. Anyway I have challenged myself to write 5000 words for my new novel Nine Dragons. (Title still under consideration)  Sounds easy right, 1000 words a day. Part of the challenge with writing this novel is that I have only done minimal plotting and even though I know the things that have to happen in the story, I still need a path to follow and so far that has been a little vague. So I’m up against the plotting nemesis again, but that’s not what this post is about.

Yesterday while I was attempting to get my 1000 words in an interesting conundrum raised it’s head. Last week while at critique group, while the group was critiquing a few chapters from Three Crosses, one of the women mentioned how she liked one of my antagonists and they were hoping that she would get her comeuppance. Well I knew the character would be getting it and I reasssured the women that she was and in fact she was going to die.

However, yesterday as I was writing a little seed started to nudge its way through the soil of my novels. Maybe my character wasn’t ready to be dead. Maybe she had a role to play in the third book. But how do I save her, what can I change and what role will she play in the third novel? So it's back to edit/revision land to find a way to make things happen.

As writers options, possibilities and plot bunnies are our bread and butter. Without them we don’t have much. Unfortunately, sometimes these can be overwhelming, like my dead character suggesting that she needed to remain alive. These are the things that make my writing exciting, because now (or once I figure out how to keep her alive) my plot begins to open up like a flower, where my caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

For some writers, they can sit and see all the Options and Possibilities before they ever put pen to paper. I have tried that and for me it doesn’t work. The thrill, the adventure begins when I am deeply into the story and the character turns in a way that I never could have dreamed of before I started writing. Details planted for no obvious reason in chapter one, suddenly in chapter 20 have a reason for being there. Unexpected parallells appear out of nowhere. All these things stir my writing blood, keep my muse working nights to feed me new Options, Possibilities and Plot Bunnies.  So I say bring them on.

Happy Writing and God Bless,

Christina Weigand

PS The antagonist won’t die yet, but she does get her comeuppance for the time being. She will live to wreak more havoc in the protagonists life.

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