Book Review: The Crazy Daze of Motherhood

A mother’s day is filled with all kinds of emergencies, from bumps and bruises to hospital stays. Find the perfect way to recover from your own family’s little emergencies with Jane Isfeld Still’s latest book on the hilarious daily challenges of a mother in the fray. You’re sure to laugh and cry as you celebrate the joys of motherhood. (Jane Isfeld Still)

In her wonderfully humorous book The Crazy Daze of Motherhood Ms. Still masterfully takes a look at many of the pitfalls as well as the highs of motherhood. As a mother myself I was able to easily relate to her stories and find the humor in disasters and joys that accompany motherhood. I may not have had those particular  incidents, but they still resonated with me as situations I could relate to and laugh about.

Bravo to Ms. Still for her hilarious view of motherhood’s little adventures and for helping the reader not to take life so seriously.

When the trials of motherhood attack you, pull up your easy chair, get your latte and a warm blanket and escape it all for a fun filled journey through the Crazy Daze of Motherhood with Ms. Still.

 Happy Reading and God Bless,


Christina Weigand

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