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  • The Moment I Knew...She Writers were winners!
The Moment I Knew...She Writers were winners!
Written by
Julia Barry
April 2011
Written by
Julia Barry
April 2011

Since our call for the Huffington Post's "Moment I Knew (it was over)" essay contest, we've had an outpouring of honest and moving stories from She Writers about moments of realization, endings, and resilience.  Wow.  I've been particularly heartwarmed by the support of each other these stories have stirred up, and by seeing just how empowering it is to speak out about experiences of loss and rebuilding.


She Writes founder, Kamy Wicoff, kicked it all off by opening up about her own divorce, and She Writers gathered last week to listen and applaud at "Moment I Knew" Meetups on both US coasts.  (Check out photos and video from the NY event where Kamy read her story.)


She Writers' stories have been so powerful that the Huffington Post picked 14 She Writes Essay Contest winners, and are featuring our She Writes sisters in their Divorce Section. Huzzah to Huffington Post Essay Contest Winners Stephanie Urdang, Dorian Burden, Tracey Cleantis, Erin Cates, Diana Hansen-Young, Hope J. Lafferty, Heather Summerhayes Cariou, Lisa Solod, Patti Provance, Olga Alvarado, Shelley A. Levin, Alexis Marble, and Emily Lackey!  



Check out the winning She Writes "Moment I Knew" essays on Huffington Post.




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  • Tracey Cleantis

    I am so honoured to be among the many other wonderful winners. Thanks HuffPo and SheWrites!


  • Lynn Emery

    I really was fascinated by these essays. Great work and writing!!!

  • Kerina Pharr

    Yay! Go SheWriters!!!!!

  • Lisa Solod

    I was thrilled to have my story chosen... and for it to have such good ratings.  This is an interesting series.  I hope you all will look at it.  Thanks SheWrites and HuffPo for the prompt.