Reading and Writing, Oxford and London
Written by
Helen Smith
April 2011
Written by
Helen Smith
April 2011

Last night's event at The Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford went very well. The place was packed out with lovely, interesting people, many of whom are regulars at the store's events. Thanks to everyone who turned up to be part of such a warm, appreciative audience - it was a very impressive attendance for a Monday night, especially as the Oxford Literary Festival was taking place just around the corner, and it was great that so many people stayed to chat afterwards.

I told my story about a woman who turns into an aubergine, and read an excerpt from my dystopian novel, The Miracle Inspector.

The readings from the other writers were excellent - a mix of poems and short stories - and I'm looking forward reading/hearing more from all of them: Lucy Ayrton, Penny Goring, Anna Hobson, Dan Holloway and Renee Siegel. (If you're on Twitter you'll find them there as @lucyayrton, @triplecherry @annacreates13, @agnieszkasshoes, @m_blanc_)

Thanks to Dan Holloway for organising it, and Dennis and Lucie from The Albion Bookstore for hosting it. The Albion has a Facebook page here if you'd like to keep up to date with future events. They have plenty of interesting things going on: poetry, zines, readings, jazz... It's so popular that people had travelled from London, Northampton and Doncaster to be there last night - and Renee had flown over from Italy to read her Shawback Redemptions poems.

Nick Ambrose has just posted a Q&A I did with him about Three Sisters for his new blog: An Author's Journey. He'll be posting regular Q&As with writers about their books and how they went about writing them, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, please check it out.


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