An Invitation to bloggers
Written by
Jennifer Hazard
April 2011
Written by
Jennifer Hazard
April 2011
Hello fellow writers and dreamers. I just wanted to put it out there that I have been restructuring and refining my blog, Nanakoosa's Place:For Women with a Past`. In case you're wondering about the subtitle, I originally started this blog as a place for middle aged women who are rediscovering ourselves after a period, or lifetime, of addiction, domestic violence, mental health issues or other challenges. At some point in the process I began to realize that any of us who have lived life on the fringe, marched to a different drummer and dared to rebel all seemed to have be in a similar position of having a rich history of stories to tell. We have learned the lessons that are only taught in the school of hard knocks, we are survivors, tough and yet compassionate; and yet because we often avoided the mainstream of society our voices are rarely heard. We are The Invisible Wise Women. Because I know of the deep wisdom, humor, and strength we posses, I have begun inviting guest bloggers to my Wednesday Women's Wisdom feature. A guest blogger does not have to be a survivor of violence, addiction or severe depression to be a guest. Most women ¬†have stories of difficulties she has overcome, an experience that challenged her pre-existing beliefs or perhaps a shift in awareness resulting from having one's world turned upside down.Having said that I'm inviting any of you who would be interested to contribute to Wednesday's Women's Wisdom. Submissions are not limited to a standard blog post either...any self expression is encouraged, poetry, artwork, crafts, photos, you name it! The more the merrier!If you are interested leave a note in my inbox, or email me at [email protected] and we'll chat. Oh and of course you. retain the rights and credit for your work.Happy Writing!

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  • Heather Marsten

    Interesting blog post - you are right healing from hurt does not always have to be from extreme hurt. We all have challenges. I wish you well with your blog.