Extravaganzas Among The Ranunculi

Just as Fairy has bundled the pixie to school and made him promise to see if his fleece jacket might possibly be lurking in the Lost and Found, Carabosse the irresponsible, comes over with a new dress catalog.

"Just look, darlink, at all the things we can wear in the spring.  Amaryllis, Amorphophallis - sounds gruesome, doesn't it - Anemones, Begonias - I have them - Caladiums, Callas, Cannas, Chiantis, Dahlias, Gladioli, Gloxinias and all the rest down to Zephyranthes.  I'll never be happy until I have some Zephyranthes."

"I'm only going to spend twenty dollars.  Will you come with me?"

Fairy goes without a qualm for she is not going to buy anything. 

As she tiptoes through the spring fling department and looks at the gaily coloured petal gowns on the racks, she wonders how she ever resisted Ranunculi.  She has just the place to show it off, the skirt will swirl when Elf  twirls her in the Rainbow Room to the Magpies tonight.  After all, it was extravagant to think of having strawberry shortcake and whipped cream so early in the season.  She hails a snail to take her home with all her packages. It is slow going and she will barely have time to make the Elf's favourite  pea soup and pork chops   for dinner .

 If this turns out well all will be forgiven.  Her Elf last saw her in two old sweaters in the garden cutting the deadwood out of the climbing roses.  This will be a grand improvement. She might even see if Mrs. Spider might weave her a gossamer shawl in exchange for a blessing.  The evenings are still quite a little chilly here in the Canyon.

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