Poetry Events in California
Written by
Anna Leahy
March 2011
Written by
Anna Leahy
March 2011

I moved to California less than three years ago, and I've not always found it easy to find out what's going on in the area (and there's the battle to get there that is LA-area traffic). More and more, I'm realizing that a lot is going on here on the writing scene. I've found a lot of people excited about poetry, with a craving to read poetry, hear poetry, and write poetry. I'm still trying to figure out how to take advantage of all this energy, not just for my own work but because creative people are more creative when they are surrounded by other creative people.


So I've pulled together POETRY WEEK 2011 on April 4-7. I'm the director of Tabula Poetica: The Center for Poetry at Chapman University in (very sunny today!) Orange, California, and I wanted to throw a big poetry party. I also didn't want to get caught up in defining what poetry is; instead, I welcomed anyone who had an idea and ended up with a dozen distinct events. It'll be a great opportunity to connect with and talk about poetry, as well as art and music.


The week kicks off with a poetry radio show on Monday, April 4, at Chapmanradio.com--you can hear that no matter where you live or work. Evening events include the Fowles Center Reading by Erri De Luca on Monday, A Celebration to Benefit St. Lucia on Tuesday, and an International Poetry Reading, "Howl": A Beat Reading, and a Poetry Slam on Wednesday. The week culminates with The Poetry Revival in an outdoor concert on Thursday at 4pm.


And there's lots more! For more info: www.chapman.edu/poetry


(When I recover, I may have something to say about the writing life and event planning.)

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