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  • Should Child Rapist Have a Trial-part 2
Should Child Rapist Have a Trial-part 2
Written by
Ey Wade
March 2011
Written by
Ey Wade
March 2011

 THE VOICE: After our conversation earlier in the day with Durham, many of the characters have called in with requests to voice their opinion on the Cleveland, Texas gang rape matter. Today's interview is with Penny Brooke, you remember her, side-kick to Durham and Texas CPS worker. This will also be a short interview-very. I've been informed they have a call for a 'fishing trip'. And before you call into ask.... no I don't have any details.

Taps on passenger side window of Durham's truck. Oh, did I forget to tell you this interview is being held outside at an undisclosed location. Taps again, a little harder. Penny rolls down window.

Penny: Sorry I didn't hear you. She turns in exasperation to look at the only other occupant of the truck before looking back at me. Durham can you turn down the music? Why'd you have to give him a theme song?


 THE VOICE: Hey, you know my saying....everyone needs something to help them through. Anyway let's get this interview on the way. I just have two questions. 1.Do you think child rapist deserve a trial? and 2. What do you think of the mess in Cleveland, Texas?


Penny: No, I do not think nor believe in my heart that a rapist deserves a trial. Rape is a premeditated murder in my opinion. No if or ands about it. I don't care what age you are if you take a woman by force you need to be handled the same way. If you rape a child, you should die on the spot because you just killed the person that child was to become. All life at the moment for that child has changed forever. It is over and only the positive people surrounding that child can help her heal and grow into a new soul.

 As for the people in Cleveland, Texas who side with the rapist, I just want to ask them What kind of chauvinistic neanderthals are you? To blame an 11-year old child for the mature body God gave her, to take the childish comments and brand her as no less than a slut it ridiculous. I listened to Quarnell X's speech and agree with this “She is a baby,” he said.  “If these brothers are guilty of what they stand accused of, they are worthy of death.” I'm not blaming her parents and I place none on her. Those men threatened that child and her family with death and the threats continue. As a CPS worker, I would have removed her from her family also. Not because they weren't deserving of her, but because of the danger they were and continue to be in. Penny looks towards Durham after he raised the sound of the music. Well, that's the sign we gotta go. The rape of this little girl has it him hard and we have a 'trip' to make. Penny rolls up the window and they drive of in a cloud of dust and squealing tires, the tunes of Massive attack's Teardrops blaring in the quiet early morning air. 


THE VOICE: Well, folks there you have it, never fails the interview has been cut short. Read the book and learn more from the characters.

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