How To Make A Horse's Neck.

It will probably be a torrid day, but the good gardener is out before breakfast while the dew is wet.

With the kitchen scissors she cuts back the faded roses. They look like wilted debutantes who have been dancing too long at the ball.

From the heap of compost concealed behind the rockery covered in orange lotus, she gives each bush a spongy topper. This will have to do in lieu of parasols.

After breakfast she will spend the day soaking their beds.

It should be done at twilight, but by then, she is dressed in her prettiest spring frock. If there is one thing more ruinous to a lady’s hands than watering it is weeding. And she knows better, for in inspired exalted moments, she has done them both. The manicurist’s worst nightmares are her nails.

The pixies have gathered together for Blue Columbine Fairy’s farewell, and spend the day sipping Horse’s Necks in the shade of an ancient oak. She leaves a little flimsy, her lacy frock slipping off her shoulders.

How to Make A Horse’s Neck.

Two lumps of broken ice in a tumbler and fill it with cold ginger ale, add the peel of a lemon with one end hanging jauntily over the top.

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