My Life with a V/O
Written by
Carol Hirko
March 2011
Written by
Carol Hirko
March 2011
I am honored to be able to teach Sociology at one of the local community colleges in the area. Often during the course of discussions occurring during class, we talk about the influence of media on our lives. Inevitably, the conversations turn to "Facebook"and the impact, both positive and negative on our society. You have those who love it for the ability to re-connect with old friends and stay in touch with family members who live far away, and then there are those who are convinced it's yet another way the government is attempting to keep track of us.

And then, there's me.

My response to why I am not, never have been, and most likely never will be on "Facebook" is this; "My life just isn't that interesting". To which I am then greeted with a Gatling gun of responses such as "But it's not just about that" and "You can just search for people" and then my personal favorite, "You can spend hours just looking at pictures and reading about other people". Hmmm...hours. Like I have hours to spend wading through other people's pictures and tales of latest vacations, what Johnny did today, this week, last month, whatever, and the proverbial responses people attach to other people's comments. That's why I like "Twitter". It's short, it's sweet, and for me, convenient. Which now brings me to the title of this post.

I do believe that while my life isn't that interesting, it would be a WHOLE LOT more interesting with a v/o (voice-over). I envision the mundane task of doing dishes way more exciting if I had someone in the background (like that dude that does all of the movie trailer voice-overs) talking through this task as though I was on stage and had an audience. For example, washing the pot that had been soaking in the sink after last night's dinner would go something like this:

"Dressed in her most comfortable clothes, she stood alone at the sink, completely prepared to tackle any dish that attempted to take a greased on, dried on stand against her. Taking a deep breath, she turned on the kitchen radio not only for moral support, but also to obtain a good, solid scrubbing rhythm. Water set to hot, steam beginning rise out of the sink, she loaded up the dish brush with soap completely focused on tackling that pot that stood in the way of having a sink clean and free of dirty dishes. Pushing up her sleeves, she got to work. The radio was providing a song that exuded the perfect tune and rhythm. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face as she realized the mess made by last night's dinner was no match for her strength and scrubbing prowess. One last rinse, with a shake and a "yeah", that pot was put in its proper place in the drying rack. Finally, the sink was able to radiate all of it's blue ceramic glory. She tossed the dishtowel onto the counter, applied some lavender hand lotion, turned on her heels, and prepared herself for the next major household task."

See what I mean? Saying she did the dishes just sounds so incredibly boring (yawn). And, while it is, it's also important for the dishes to be done, which is why I think having a voice over would just make it seem way more interesting. You should try it. How about the next time you have to get the kids from the house to the car, and don't forget the "Does anybody have to go to the bathroom before we leave?"

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