The Optimistc Bumble Bee
A bumble bee came to the garden today to hunt for pollen in the Hemerocallis. He was a wary little fellow, hovering for a long time mid air to look for danger before making a quick dive into the stamens and pistils. His movements are suggestive of his rival, the yellow jacket, but more timid. He does not come out in the open but haunts the shadowy places in the trees and bushes where his brown fuzzy coat blends in with the twigs and dark leaves and the sun motes about him.

Although his buzzing alarms some humans, he is considered by the spirit world a welcome and prized guest, and they are grateful and honored to fly with such a fellow. It had been so silent at the clover openings in early March; and although Fairy and Elf had not said so out loud, they both had felt little shivers of alarm by his absence, the way one would feel at the sudden opening of a door or an appearance of a tomcat on the fence.

A yellow oriole also paid them a brief call today. He stopped long enough to dive about the  newly planted Santa Rosa plum but he flew away  without stopping for tea. Fairy thought it hardly paid him to have come at all.  The buds of this little tree are swollen shut and red.  She climbs in and out of its barren branches and appeals to the pale white blossoms to come out in a day or two, which should please the Elf and, hopefully, the bees will be back for the grand opening.

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