A Day In the Life of The Topanga Magician
Having dropped his children at their school, the most famous magician in the world was having long, long thoughts about what to do with himself over his third cup of coffee at The Water Lily – a public debauch that sent many of his neighbors running to Mimosa when they saw his truck parked outside.

Hours later the magician sat in the parking lot in front of the post office, looking for a playmate. The last thing he wanted to do was climb back up Fernwood Pacific alone to his dark and empty studio. And so he was delighted when a pretty young hippy mother with two tow-headed waifs in the back seat of her blue convertible pulled into the parking spot next to his. He approached her car just as she got out. She was busy scrimmaging in her flannel bag for the bills that need posting and so was a little taken back by his invitation to lunch but tried to be kind.

“Really?” She asked, “You’re a magician? Wow.”

It was discouraging to be told that he was the third magician she’d met in Topanga. He tried not to scowl as she swung both children up from her car and carried them, one on each hip, into the post office.

If she Googled me, she’d see how important I am, he thought as he climbed back into his truck, to sit and wait for the next possibility. That’s the one place he was sure his tricks worked. Hype and fantasy was all very well in the real world, but a gift for hyperbolism online and some major tenacity and one could be as talented as they felt, a cyberspace superstar, why, one could be the most important magician of the decade; one could be selling millions of tricks and satisfy thousands of customers, just by saying so. Now that’s real magic.

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