Radical Eve

Hello wonderful She Writes friends I just added a new post to my Radical RevLa blog. I invite you all to come take a look at our Radical Women of the bible first installment of the series. Please enjoy our take on Eve.

Eve in her own right was a radical woman.
She was created by God as a solution for man's happieness and peace of mind.
She was a blessing to the man and the world that had been created for the man and the creatures
of the Garden.
She was the only thing that had been made during creation that was not formed from the dirt of the ground.
She was made from a richer source. From man himself thereby making her a choice rich item.
She was created as a one of a kind designer original, not a off the rack creature made of clay.
So from day one Ms. Eve was the ultimate radical lady of God!!!
She had been given a job just like Adam's but hers was to be a help-meet.
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