5 Reasons Why Books Will Always be Around
Written by
Carrie A Golden
March 2011
Written by
Carrie A Golden
March 2011

1. Readers enjoy variety. Have you ever known anyone to eat the same food every single day?

2. Authors/Writers who embrace variety will increase readership for their work.

3. Agents/Publishers who utilize the multiple publishing formats will be the most successful.

4. The readers are the keys to the future of books.

5. Variety is the spice of life so to have only a single format in order to read would eventually grow quite boring.

It is only human that we enjoy variety in all things. So, why should it be any different with books?

What do you think? Don't agree? Share with us then!


(1st posted on my writing blog: Journey of a Writer)

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  • Carrie A Golden

    On a more personal note, I don't think it would be wise to eliminate publishing as well as retaining books completely.  In light of all the climatic changes and solar storms, it wouldn't take much to wipe out technology as we know it (whether indefinitely or not).  I would not want to commit all my work to the digital format alone for it to be forever wipe out due to these events.  I believer there should be a balance of both formats.   

  • Totsymae

    I agree with some of your points but on some of them, the perspective is more from an author than really investigating possibilities 20 years from now. Yes, the book will persist and as authors, we are most comfortable with that but technology is here to stay and getting more compact and convenient for a very fast-moving and gotta-have-it-now society. Think of some other things people probably fought against. The Tv, Rock-n-Roll, Integration, and the Internet. There was some resistant thinking but it happened anyway. Green Technologies will ultimately bring some value to books. There will also be less of a demand for hard copies if you look at the digital learners in classrooms. Some people may have thought the same for vinyl records but where are they now. Probably really pricey. For certain titles, one could get a pretty penny on EBay. Now, I don't think the book will go that route in my lifetime but it is something to think about on reflecting of what has become extinct.